3 Simple Tricks to Keep the Weight Off


Many of my clients ask me how I have managed to keep the weight off after all these years. For those of you who don’t know me, I lost 50 pounds about 13 years ago and that loss is what catapulted me into the nutrition business and ignited a passion for being and feeling healthy that I never knew existed prior to my lifestyle shift.

Being an emotional eater, (and it doesn’t really matter what emotion it is), as well as a boredom snacker I have developed a few tricks for keeping myself successfully healthy long term:

1. Always keep water or unsweetened tea in your hand.
This is probably my number one trick that keeps me from unnecessary snacking and eating unhealthy foods. You will rarely ever see me without an unsweetened tea or other drink in my hands. This not only satisfies the hand to mouth tendency, to keep me from reaching for food to put in my mouth constantly, but usually when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty and dehydrated.

2. Always have extra food with you wherever you go
Another trick I use is that I ALWAYS, without fail will make sure I have food of my own with me. Always, in every situation period. I am a crunchy-salty craver as my snack of choice rather than anything sweet so I keep a couple extra non-GMO protein drinks to put in a large cup of ice with a shot of espresso (my absolute fav) OR I keep a bag of whey protein chips (very filling) or paleo bar with me. All of these non-GMO  paleo-type foods are 20 grams of protein so they are very filling and have little or no carbs in them. If I go to a bbq or other social event, the drink will keep my hands occupied, and the chips will fill me up and keep me away from potato chips. I can use my protein chips to eat dips or in salsa for when I feel like partaking and I get the satisfaction without the bloating or uncomfortably full feeling. The bars are perfect for when you know there will be desserts around, and if I feel tempted for something sweet, BAM I have 20 grams of healthy protein with sweetness handy. Whether I’m headed to a party, wedding, bbq, beach or out of town, I ALWAYS have emergency foods handy.

3. Always eat something BEFORE you go anywhere.
Last but not least, I ALWAYS make sure I eat something BEFORE I go to any social event, doesn’t matter what it is. That way, I’m mostly full, not eating out of boredom and won’t indulge in unhealthy temptations and I’m not making choices based on “well there was nothing else I could have.” This enables me to simply graze on veggies or protein that the venue has.

Hope these tips help you, and help you stay healthy! And remember, nothing tastes as great as being healthy and happy feels!

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