Could Missing This Vital Nutrient Be Inhibiting Your Weight Loss?

Alpha Lipoic Acid –

Did you know that an estimated 85% of the oxygen you breathe in is consumed by the mitochondria in your cells? Studies show that the decay of these tiny little energy producing powerhouses are at the core of  many aging and age related pathologies, as well as reduced and impaired metabolic function.

The good news however, is that studies have shown that when our cells are provided a healthy nutrition regimen that includes Lipoic Acid, a drastic regeneration occurs, metabolic function improves and there is a reduction in oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress is what causes premature aging in the body as well as many other dis-eases and conditions that are common today.

If you’ve ever heard the term “free radical damage” then you have an idea of how important anti-oxidants are to the body for optimum health. What you may not have heard is that Lipoic Acid has specific properties that slow the mitochondrial aging by preventing the release of damaging oxidants. It also enhances the effects of insulin which benefits glucose metabolism and lowers blood sugar levels which is a key component to weight loss.

When we are “insulin-resistant,” which the vast majority of Americans today are, our body doesn’t respond as quickly to insulin response. This means the body has to release MORE insulin in order to achieve the same effect in lowering our blood sugar. Without getting too scientific on you, this increase in insulin production ultimately results in increased fat storage and weight gain. In addition to increasing our sensitivity to insulin, Lipoic Acid also works on the areas of the brain to reduce appetite, reduce food portions, and stimulate energy expenditure which burn excess calories and reduces fat storage in addition to promoting cancer cell death!  I don’t know about you, but sign me up!

So how do we make sure we are taking in this vital nutrient? Well, we need to make sure that we are eating an Alkaline, clean and organic diet rich in lean protein and veggies, and low in inflammatory foods such as high carb/high sugar, artificial and processed food diets. A recent study showed that if you are eating MORE than 1 cup a day of veggies you are doing better than a whopping 85% of Americans. 85%!!!! That is a staggering and horrifying statistic.

To make sure you are getting plenty of fresh vegetables and protein, a good rule of thumb is to eat a minimum of 4 cups of veggies per day, and a MINIMUM of 8-10 ounces of protein per day. Depending on your weight though, you may need more. The standard rule of thumb is half your body weight in grams, is the daily recommended amount of protein. So if you are 150 pounds, then you should be eating about 75 grams of protein per day to keep your body functioning as optimally as possible, and to ensure that you are taking in plenty of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

If you are thinking of simply taking an Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement, you may want to think again. Studies have also shown that the specific metabolic and enzymatic process involved with eating and digesting animal protein has the most beneficial effect, along with vegetable sources that contain less ALA than animal protein but are still vital, such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, and tomatoes.

Of course there are those who may already be following an alkaline, protein and veggie rich lifestyle and may still have trouble with weight loss due to factors that are inhibiting the absorption of ALA. If you suspect you may be one of those people, or if you simply need help switching to an alkaline diet, please feel free to contact us for a health consultation!

Health and Blessings My Friends!

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