Nutrition and holistic living came into my life at the age of 22 when I was faced with severe adrenal fatigue, an unknown gluten sensitivity, constant headaches, IBS, vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue and pre-diabetes. Like most of us, I knew nothing about REAL nutrition and healthy eating aside from being shown the old and outdated “food pyramid” model once or twice in grade school. I had no idea that our physical health could be completely restored (depending on the person and their condition) through eating clean, healthy organic foods and removing the toxic choices from our diet. Ayurveda called to me as I researched and dived even deeper into the world of health and Ayurveda took the meaning of “health” to a whole other level. It encompasses not only the utilization of food as medicine according to individual needs, but also integrates our emotional and spiritual health as well. My journey to physical health unexpectedly led me to my (lack of) spiritual health, and as I explored my own spirituality I learned a lot about a lot of different practices.

I inevitably ran into a huge influence of the so called “New Age” community that I came to realize was full of quite a lot of out of balance egos, personal projection and bullshit, to put it bluntly. But being new to the exploration of spirituality and what that even meant for me, I didn’t recognize the BS at first. After a few years on my own journey of healing and uncovering layers of unhealthy habits, rage, anger, grief, shame, deep emotional wounds and abuses, subconscious beliefs and negative societal influences, I realized that there was just as much (if not more) disconnection and bypassing happening and being promoted by the New Age influence. There was quite a lot of truth, but just as much crap.

There’s so much stigma around “thinking negative thoughts” or not being (perceived as) happy and full of love and light all the time that it’s just as judgmental as any organized religion I’ve ever come across. What’s worse is there’s a LOT of denial about the judgment inherent in saying things like “well you must’ve called that in on a higher level for some reason” when something terrible happens or you’re going through normal ups and downs. I mean come on, are you REALLY going to tell somebody who for instance has been raped, that she must’ve called it in on herself as some sort of soul lesson??? I mean what in the actual fuck is wrong with you to say something like that to someone!? Yes, perhaps on some higher level her soul DID (maybe) plan that out, but do you really think that the reality of that violence and violation are somehow going to be eased by that ignorant statement? Not to mention how much judgment is just oozing out of that comment. No, really, fuck you!

So, while there are a lot of well meaning, loving and well-intentioned people who are firm believers in “keeping your vibration high,” focusing on only one side of the Law of Attraction (forced positive thinking and repression of real feelings), or shaming anger as if it’s somehow a negative vibration, my practice and continued goal is to educate and help others navigating their own unique journey to health. And the journey to health certainly includes the emotional and spiritual aspects to our health and addressing both our so-called “positive” and “negative.” So here you’ll find a combination of nutrition only oriented articles, as well as the more esoteric, my own personal stories/writing therapy and articles from other amazing writers who are bringing authenticity to the world in their practice.

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Health Coach and Intuitive, while I utilize a combination of science based nutrition/Ayurveda/energy work for a whole health approach, my particular specialty is helping people transform their health by connecting to their underlying stresses and emotions in order to decipher the messages that the body is communicating to them via physical ailments and issues. And in every case, there is always repressed pain and anger at the root. My intuitive gifts also allow me to tap in to the karmic seeds of where an imbalance is rooted in order to address it at the source. I am deeply grateful to my own anger and it’s role in my healing process and the power of healing it offers to all of us willing to acknowledge and respect it. Anger pulls us out of unhealthy situations when we’ve finally had enough, it establishes healthy boundaries, and is outspoken when injustice is being committed. Silence is consent. I encourage anyone who may be curious or interested in more of what I do, to please feel free to contact me or visit my website at http://www.urban-alchemy.org

Embrace yourselves and your shadow my friends!

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