“Janine is truly a very gifted, talented, caring person. She takes her time and makes you feel special during your treatment. She is very knowledgeable and confident about her craft and explains everything you have questions about. I definitely recommend Janine without hesitation. She’s helped me to enjoy life again and I’ll be forever grateful to her.”

Jan – Rancho Cordova 


“I have had several energy healing sessions by Janine which have been extremely relaxing and spiritually uplifting. I have also had consultations regarding the Ayurvedic products and Janine knew exactly what I needed and everything she suggested I used and absolutely loved! I have recommended her to several of my friends and I will continue to seek her services inthe future.”

Kristin – Citrus Heights



I did a cleanse 2 weeks ago and after the cleanse continued a totally clean, natural diet. I am not completely 100% organic YET but I am trending in that direction. I have to tell you that I feel INCREDIBLE! Eliminating the artificial sweeteners and processed junk was not hard at all. After the cleanse my cravings for sweets and carbohydrates were gone. I have increased mental clarity and more energy than I have had in YEARS. I always thought it was my busy life and kids that made me so tired and mentally foggy. I am glad I listened to Janine! My baby Lili is different and her diet is even better than mine. I have her on all organic stuff – except some meats sometimes – no lactose and no gluten. She has been off of gluten for 3 weeks and she is improving day by day!”

Annie – Roseville

 “My experiences with Janine Hassell have been nothing short of extraordinary.  Several months ago, my body was nearly in irreversible adrenal crisis due to extreme stress and being severely nutritionally out of balance.  Janine was able to assess my situation, and advise me on the nutritional and lifestyle adjustments that I needed to make. Within a few weeks, I made a complete turn around and have felt great ever since experiencing natural all day energy, and deep restful sleep all night.  Janine has an excellent knowledge of the nutritional and holistic aspects of food and nutrition, and how to tailor to the specific needs of each individual client.  I have had the pleasure of receiving several of Janine’s Ayurvedic body treatments, and I found them all to be very powerful, relaxing, and detoxifying. The foot treatment specifically was one of the most relaxing bodywork experiences I have ever had. 

 My experiences with Janine’s energy sessions have been extraordinarily powerful and life altering, rapidly clearing the stuck emotional energies I was experiencing. She also possesses great knowledge and awareness of the food industry, decoding food labels and aspects of health and nutrition. Information the FDA and pharmaceutical companies definitely don’t want us to know. Overall, I cannot say enough about Janine’s sessions and overall knowledge of the many transformational skills and sessions she offers. She truly cares about people, and recognizes that true healing comes from our ability to balance and merge mind, body and spirit.”

Troy – Folsom


“I am in my mid 60s and suffer from many illnesses such as asthma, Hashimoto’s, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress syndrome, as well as high blood pressure and cholesterol, and have had knee replacements.  Needless to say, I’ve been prescribed a multitude of medications to “help” with my many ailments.  Not only was I having a lot of health issues, I also had no energy.  I still work full-time and have a very demanding career so having energy is important to me. 

A very good friend referred me to Janine Hassell.  I started going to her at the end of 2012. I can’t explain how it works our why it works—all I can say is Janine has a definite gift for healing.  From the time I first started seeing her, I could notice a difference in the way I felt—not only health-wise, but also in my energy level and general sense of wellbeing.

In 6 short months, with my primary physician’s guidance, I’m off eight (8) of my medications and my primary physician is thrilled!!!  My fibromyalgia pain is almost non-existent.  I can’t even begin to explain or tell you how wonderful that is!!  I was even on Vicodin to help with the pain, but even it wasn’t helping before I started going to Janine. 

I’m much happier and have tons more energy than before.  I feel like a new person.  Even my co-workers have noticed a huge difference.     Janine definitely is very gifted and I highly recommend her.  Her healing work is nothing short of miraculous.  I can’t say enough good things about her!!”

Jan – Sacramento


“Janine has been such a blessing in my life since the very first time she did a Reiki session on me. I did not meet Janine formally before I decided to call on her for help, but a dear friend recommended her to me.   We had a nice conversation on the phone before my first session, and after receiving a distance reiki healing, I absolutely knew she had the gift of a true healer.  I know this because I felt the healing physically, mentally & emotionally.  I’ve had multiple sessions since then and each one has been extremely beneficial to my life and my well being.  Her passion and love for what she does is evident.  

Not only that, Janine is a wealth of information when it comes to ayurvedic medicine, and her help with adding certain things to my diet has also been amazing.  I highly recommend Janine (for all of her services) to anyone who is just searching for a way to promote his or her ongoing inner growth, and has a desire to feel and live better!!”

Michelle – Fair Oaks